Weird Kiss by Joe Biden at Convention with Daughter

She seemed surprised or something. BTW, I am supporting Obama this year. Definitely we need George Bush outta there. Such a crappy last 8 years…

3 thoughts on “Weird Kiss by Joe Biden at Convention with Daughter”

  1. No that was creepy, I’ve got it on tivo and he had an arm around her neck and took the other hand to force her face into his and he planted one smack dab on the lips, it was a creepy passionate kiss one that no father should give a child especially an old man on a teenage girl it was just creepy. Right before he did it he got this creepy look on his face too, I’m surprised no one else on the internet is talking about it, when I saw it I was like what the!? His daughter wasn’t just surprised I think she was appauled, she immediately after went down to kiss her younger sibling on the lips I guess to make it feel more comfortable, Joe Biden should be ashamed of himself. You won’t see Dick Cheney pulling that crap.

  2. I saw what you mean. I recorded it as well. Pretty weird. I hope the video gets captured and uploaded to youtube or something.

  3. i seen it too! i did think it was pretty wierd. they’re talking about Obama all online, but said nothing about this.

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