Prison Break Michael and Lincoln never use guns… why?

I dont understand how Michael & Lincoln never use guns. What kind of MORONS and IDIOTS would see every one of their loved ones killed and they refuse to bring guns to a fight. Such as when Lincoln tries to rescue Sarah and LJ in Season 3. He went there with fists.. And Sarah comes back with a body missing. I blame these 2 tools for not having the brains to use a gun.

Delete Mac dot underscore files using PHP script (including subdirectories)


* Delete files in given path (and subdirs)
* <code> echo deleteFiles(‘c:/TEMP/greeting/’,’3019*.vox’ ); </code>
* @param string $path            Path to the files to delete (should end with slash or backslash)
* @param string $match             Filename(s) to delete (use * as wildcard)
* @param boolean $delSubdirs    Delete matching files in subdirs
* @return integer                Returns how many files that were deleted
function deleteFiles($path, $match, $delSubdirFiles = false){
static $deleted = 0;
$dirs = glob($path.”*”,GLOB_NOSORT);        // GLOB_NOSORT to make it quicker
$files = glob($path.$match, GLOB_NOSORT);

foreach ($files as $file){
if ($delSubdirFiles) {
foreach ($dirs as $dir){
if (is_dir($dir)){
$dir = basename($dir) . “/”;
return $deleted;

echo deleteFiles(‘/mypath/’,’._*’);


China Airlines Cyber Midnight Promotion

This has got to be the stupidest promotion I have ever seen from an airline. A STUPID email saying the following with misspellings and crap. What the HELL are they thinking? And once you go to the site, there’s NO listings of what destinations are on sale and which dates.  You have to do freaking search by search until you get a special fare I guess. And there’s no way to tell what’s on sale and what’s not.

Dumbest freaking promotion I have ever seen. Stupid morons.

Midnight surprise 3-hour sales!

Introducing our Midnight Surprise 3-hour Cyber Sales only.

Congratulations if your destination is listed. This very special promotion is time and inventory limited.

Do hurry, Holidays seats will be gone fast.

Limited availability, book and and $ave at!

*Must purchase on or before December 21, 2010. Restrictions apply.

Offer for period between December 22, 2010 to January 02, 2011 (not all days are included)

$142 million for a 7 year deal.. a baseball player…

Man what is going on in USA. How can someone be worth $142 million to pay baseball and people who works hard each day makes $10/hour. I don’t get this huge gap. And these $10/hr people are the ones who go watch the games. It’s so ironic…

People, stop paying so much to watch baseball games. Just watch it at home. And dont spend money on the stupid merchandise. Come on… vote with your wallet.

AJAX upload using HTML5 with queue

Paypal ipn help

IPN Simulator