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Use Whoila to instantly build a visual gallery of things or interests that you have. It could be list of top eBay items, things you want to review, best sellers on eBay or Amazon, top movies you have seen this year, favorite destinations, favorite vacations, best airlines, best restaurants, etc. Anything you want. And you can do it anonymously or share your albums with friends. It’s the fastest and easiest way to create an online gallery.

Joshua Wins SYTYCD 2008!!

I am kind of surprised that Katee didnt win. She was really flawless up to the end and worked so hard. Hmm.. I like both Joshua and Twitch as well though. So another season passes. I really enjoyed today’s finale. I recorded it and will watch it several times more.

It was so cool to see some of the old people dance. Man, everyone’s so good.

Whoila Visual Gallery

Welcome to Whoila! I hope you enjoy your visit. Some of you are probably wondering what is Whoila Visual Gallery. Well, I designed it mainly for myself and then realized maybe others might want something like this. It is a way to keep track of all my albums from different sites. Like PicasaWeb, Flickr, SmugMug, and so many others.

Then I realized I could also use it for other things too. Like tracking what are the Top 10 movies of 2008. Or the most beautiful actresses in Hong Kong. Or the Top 50 most beautiful asian actresses. Things like that. I hope you can contribute to the list of public albums.