People who said Bay Area houses would never got down… are complete idiots

I remember many people scrambling madly to buy houses back in 2006-2007 and how there is never enough land to go around and how prices would be the best investment one can make. Well…. how wrong everyone is. It was so obvious to me how sky high ridiculous market values for houses were. Yet what can you do… Now we are all paying for it. Except the smart people who bought in 1999-2005. And I guess real estate agents can make money selling or buying. But now taxpayers are paying for these financial institution meltdowns and it is so unfair. All those CEOs made their money and left and now the American public is left with the burden of cleaning up. The system must change…

These are the best commercials of 2008 so far

Here’s a list of the best commercials of 2008 so far.

Apple iTunes with ColdPlColdPlay

Santa Ramen in San Mateo Long Wait

I had Santa Ramen for the first time today. I was unimpressed. The soup was better than Ryowa but the portions were so little. I was seated fairly quickly but the wait for the noodles took more than 30 minutes. I consider that an obscene long time for some noodles. Or maybe I was just in a really bad mood. I dont know… I asked if they forgot my order and they said they havent. But 30 minutes for some ramen. ARGH… I was very close to walking out and going to Fresh Choice across the parking lot.

The noodles were semi-crunchy and the flavor was good. But the meat portions were tiny and like I said, I hated the long wait for the noodles. Plus they have NO VEGETARIAN sign posted outside. I think they are a bit arrogant because they are so popular in that area. Well, I dont know if I would go there again. I paid $10 for my noodles and that included tips.

Here’s a list of some other ramen places in bay area.

Had intense hiccups for 2 days straight..

Gurgling COLD water (not drinking) worked finally… I tried everything else and went to see doctor at Kaiser and nurse didnt know what to do but suggested this as last resort. You can see a gallery of hiccup remedies here.

Update: Gurgling didnt really work. It came back. Finally I drank a lot of water while bending my head back and putting my arms in the air. And that seem to have worked.