Jquery Resizable and Draggable doesnt play nice together




4 thoughts on “Jquery Resizable and Draggable doesnt play nice together”

  1. Hi Karl.The image issue is caused by a CSS colfinct with your theme. It’s a simple float:left attribute. See ltt.php (in the plugin’s directory) at line 49:#content p{float:left !important;}Regarding your website’s custom theme it would be usefull if you could activate the LTT plugin and let us know to take a quick look or even to fwd the page source via email (once the plugin is active and at least 1 time called on a word or phrase) contact [at] webdesigncrate.com is the email address you can use.Finally we thank you for your feedback, it’s always a pleasure to hear any problems the users encounter because this way we can improve our work.

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