Promise Smartstor 4300n hack hacking

  1. Go to
  2. Download the
  3. Copy ppg file to your Promise drive
  4. Go to your web admin for your 4300n drive
  5. Go to Application Plug-ins and enable the new ppg file
  6. SSH into your promise drive using ssh admin@IP address using your admin password

Once you are inside SmartStor SSH:

  • The sudoers file is at /etc/sudoers
  • Type uname -mrs to see the operating system. Should be Linux 2.6.11SR3_1_2 ppc
  • You can copy and move files using cp and mv commands
  • Commands are: alias bg break cd chdir command continue eval exec exit export  false fg getopts hash help jobs kill let local pwd read readonly  return set shift times trap true type ulimit umask unalias unset  wait [ ash basename bunzip2 busybox bzcat cat chgrp chmod chroot  chvt clear cmp cp cut dd deallocvt df dirname dmesg du echo egrep  env expr false fgrep free getty grep gunzip gzip head hostname  id ifconfig insmod install kill killall ln loadkmap logger login  ls lsmod mkdir mknod mkswap more mv netstat nslookup openvt passwd  pidof ping ps pwd reset rm rmdir rmmod route run-parts sed sh  sleep sort start-stop-daemon strings stty sulogin swapoff swapon  sync tail tar tee test time top touch tr true tty uname uniq  unzip uptime usleep vi vlock wc whoami xargs yes zcat 


Latest DLNA drivers

this is the new ftp address for the DLNA plugin 01.02.0000.05 A6
thanks to Promise on Twitter
username: promisenas
password: dlna

Go here to learn more

Know any more hacks? I want to increase the speed of copies. 4300n is so damn slow over network.