Latest iPhone 2.x update is HORRIBLE and SLOW

It is one of the worst updates I have seen and it impacts the most important device I have. The hardest thing about the iPhone now is making phone calls. Every action is about 2x or 3x slower. Going to Contacts to get a list of people takes forever. Taking a photo takes forever.

Sometimes the damn thing freezes and you have to wait a second or two for it to come back.

They should put the iPhone to good use by placing it in HORROR movies and show how the characters get killed because their iPhones couldnt dial out, lose signal, or just take too damn long to make a call. It deserves a spot in movies and films for making people get killed.

What’s up with Steve Jobs… man, this iPhone update is rotten to the core, filled with bugs and crap. It might be the beginning of the old Apple. Sub-quality products that dont work and expensive as heck.