Hillsong at Jubilee and Floors were Shaking

Floors were seriously shaking. Ticket were at $22 and the lines were long as heck. The guards kept telling people to leave their cameras out of the “sanctuary”. Wait was a bit longer than expected. Doors were suppose to open at 6pm but they opened it around 6:45pm instead. It was a Tuesday in San Jose near North First Street and 237 freeway. Main singer was Joel Houston (son of Brian Houston – main pastor at Hillsong).

I wasnt really inspired to be honest until the last few songs. The encore songs were the best. “One Way” was the one that got the most applause. That brought me to my feet. Never seen so much energy and passion in a concert before.

Update 9/3/08: Just came across a bunch of internet stories about Hillsong and some controversies. Worth reading definitely… accusations of being a cult.