Change Paypal Credit as default payment setting for Paypal

Here are the instructions for changing to or from BillMeLater as your primary source. It would not let me be any more specific in my preferences than to either have Bill Me Later as my preferred method, or “other sources” as my preferred method.

  1. Hover over Profile and then click Money. (Not one of the options under Money. The actual word Money).
  2. On the My Money screen, to the far right of your Bill Me Later listing, click Update.
  3. On the upper right, there is a box called Manage Bill Me Later Account.
    –If Bill Me Later is currently your preferred method, click Change.
    –If Bill Me Later is not currently your preferred method, click “Make Bill Me Later My Preferred Payment Method.”
  4. Save your new settings.

Create SSH key for Hostgator to log in without password

  1. Local machine: ssh-keygen -t rsa
  2. Press <ENTER> for paraphrase and name it something like ~/.ssh/<othersiteusername>
  3. Local machine: ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ <othersiteusername>@siteIP
  4. Remote machine: 
chmod go-w ~/
chmod 700 ~/.ssh 
chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys


Ooma Telo core icon blinking red flashing – how I fixed it

Verified there was internet connection to the ethernet cable. 

I connected ethernet cable to the HOME port of Ooma Telo and connected other end to my Macbook ethernet port. Then went to and reset the settings and it worked after that. Weird. Not sure what happened.

OS X Disk Utility to Repartition USB External Hard Drive but froze and Force Quit Disk Utility and Now Missing Disk Space

Had to use

fsck_hfs -r /dev/disk1s3 (disk1s3 is EXAMPLE only)

OS X: repairing an external USB drive that won’t mount

If you have an external USB drive, you have to unmount it first. You can find the name of drive by going to Disk Utility and Get Info on the partition.

linux-image-server depends on linux-image-3.2.0-36-generic the error message indicates its a followup error from a previous failure

Kept getting this message on my Ubuntu server because I skipped a kernel when upgrading due to no space left on my boot partition.

linux-image-server depends on linux-image-3.2.0-36-generic the error message indicates its a followup error from a previous failure

Finally got answer here.

  1. cd /var/cache/apt/
  2. rm -fr archives
  3. sudo apt-get update
  4. sudo apt-get install -f
  5. sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a


Great way to debug in Knockout!topic/knockoutjs/nTLoWIE97mE

<div data-bind=”text: ko.toJSON(viewModel.interestingPart)”></div>

<span data-bind=”visible: console.log($data) “></span>

<pre data-bind=”text: ko.toJSON($data, null, 2)”></pre>“Dumping view model”); 

American dream is slowing fading…

feels like the american dream is slowing getting out of reach for many. how many can afford college these days or a house? for many, the only thing people can afford is fast food and mobile apps. many of these free apps and games feel like fast food. cant really sustain you in long run. we need more innovation in other areas other than web and mobile, like in transportation, energy, etc.. 

jQuery append images to table add new column

var re = new RegExp(‘(http:\\/\\/\\S+[\\.png|\\.jpg|\\.gif])’,’g’);


$(“tr .item_name”).each(function() {

    var newimage=”;

    var images = $(this).html().match(/http:\/\/\S+(\.png|\.jpg|\.gif)/g);

    var thumbs = $(this).html().replace(re, ‘<img src=”$1″ class=”thumbnail50″/>’); 

    $.each(images, function(index, value) { 

          newimage += “<img class=’thumbnail50′ src=”+value+”>”;