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Just saw review by David Pogue of the new Nikon D90 camera. Seems pretty awesome. It’s priced at $1000 and can do videos as well as live-preview.

Here’s a list of the top 20 most beautiful islands in the world.

She seemed surprised or something. BTW, I am supporting Obama this year. Definitely we need George Bush outta there. Such a crappy last 8 years…

It’s one of the more inspiring speeches I have heard in a while. I am watching it on TV right now. Also just heard Biden’s speech. Both are pretty good.

Seems Andy Lau saved Karen Mok from injury during the closing ceremony when Karen almost fell down the stage. Wonder if the Twins were there too. I still think Jackie Chan was on the camera way too long.

Is there anyone who has developed something similiar to any of these services? I really want to start a news site and tried looking for developers in job sites but nobody seems to have the skills to do it. Something using PHP, Linux, mySQL would be ideal. Send email to if you know of anything.

Wow… that’s pretty amazing. Scientists have figured out a way using gene therapy to grow new hairs to improve hearing and reduce hearing loss in animals. That’s huge breakthorugh. Gene therapy and nanotechnology are the future.

A virus actually sneaked aboard the International Space Station inside a laptop computer. It was one of the types that recorded keystrokes to steal passwords for hackers. And this is not the first time it has happened.

One of these days, we will find a way to grow diamonds on vegetable plants or fruit trees. It shouldnt be that hard I would think… or else have insects secrete out diamonds.

Here’s a list of DJs and Hosts for weddings around bay area. Please add to the list!

I really like this online image map editor. Instead of using Dreamweaver, you can simply upload your image and map it online! Cool!

So many standards… Just like designing pages for IE 6, IE 7, Firefox.. You have to submit sites to,,,, and all those many different ones.

Maybe someone should just open-source search a search engine like Firefox did with browsers and everyone benefits.

My friend just got married in SF City Hall and I was quite impressed with the staircase and the different stories. It’s a perfect place for a marriage. The only negative is that you probably will have it at night time, which makes photography tough unless you have a great camera.

Here’s a list of other Bay Area Wedding Venues.

How to tell if you are a geek and nerd during early Internet period.

Use Whoila to instantly build a visual gallery of things or interests that you have. It could be list of top eBay items, things you want to review, best sellers on eBay or Amazon, top movies you have seen this year, favorite destinations, favorite vacations, best airlines, best restaurants, etc. Anything you want. And you can do it anonymously or share your albums with friends. It’s the fastest and easiest way to create an online gallery.

Whoila allows you to quickly create a free online photo gallery without registration or signup. It is quick and easy. You can make it anonymous and quickly build the gallery using photos from flickr, picasa, or smugmug or other galleries sites.

There’s a list of different gradient generators online that you can use.

Here’s a gallery of favorite sensual scenes from movies.

Finally got the solution in the ScribeFire FAQ. However, they should have put something in the error dialog saying could it be the following problem instead of us having to look all over the web for the solution. Well.. finally I can write using ScribeFire, my favorite bloggin tool.

Heroes is finally starting again for Season 3 next week. I cant wait to watch it on NBC. Man… such a long wait. I want to see what happens to Adam and Syler. I wish they would spend some more time on Peter and stop having him be such a wuss.

Here’s a gallery of the NBC show Heroes with characters along with their powers.

The music and dancing was so awesome. The music is Enur Calabria 2008. That white girl dance so freaking awesome!! I think the white girl’s name is vanessa kinkridge and the other girl is Keke Palmer. Anyways, great commercial from Target. You can see that and other good commercials on Best Commercials of 2008

There were some outstanding ads during the Beijing Olympics. The best were probably by United and VISA. They were so good this year. Here’s a list of more great commercials during Olympics 2008. is a site where you can read pretty much any magazine you want. It’s scanned by people. Wonder who has all the time to read this stuff.

Wow… those commercials are so good. I wonder who did them. I’m going to create a public gallery of those commercials. They are so freaking good.

I am kind of surprised that Katee didnt win. She was really flawless up to the end and worked so hard. Hmm.. I like both Joshua and Twitch as well though. So another season passes. I really enjoyed today’s finale. I recorded it and will watch it several times more.

It was so cool to see some of the old people dance. Man, everyone’s so good.

Welcome to Whoila! I hope you enjoy your visit. Some of you are probably wondering what is Whoila Visual Gallery. Well, I designed it mainly for myself and then realized maybe others might want something like this. It is a way to keep track of all my albums from different sites. Like PicasaWeb, Flickr, SmugMug, and so many others.

Then I realized I could also use it for other things too. Like tracking what are the Top 10 movies of 2008. Or the most beautiful actresses in Hong Kong. Or the Top 50 most beautiful asian actresses. Things like that. I hope you can contribute to the list of public albums.

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